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Scrumptious Frog Legs aboard Carnival Splendor

The frog’s legs that I have tasted aboard the Carnival Splendor were flavorsome and succulent like a cross between a fish and chicken. The dish was showered with a pinch of lemon juice from the lemon slice and some herbs like parsley. The frog’s legs were seared to perfection with some browning on the meat […]


Me so happy with Miso!

Miso, a very popular Japanese food item that can be “one” of Japan’s many food staples. But do you really know what miso is? How is miso made? Is miso only used in Miso soup? Does miso only exist in Japan? I don’t plan on answering all the questions there is to miso, but I […]


Chewy Escargot Appetizer on the Carnival Cruise from NYC

The escargot appetizer dish from the Carnival Cruise lines appears simple from my dinner meal. It has a good, strong flavor of olive oil, garlic, salt, and butter. The snails themselves have a chewy texture to them like mussels. The plate itself is pretty as it has four wedges for each of the snails to […]